2024 STEELTAILOR LEGEND B52 - 1500MM X 3000MM 100AMP PLASMA & FREE ENGRAVER Fastcam Offline Software Included for sale

Price: $40,735**
If you have been waiting for the all in one plasma - look no further - No wonder its called the LEGEND B52 - One Machine Works As Two! Cut as thin as 0.5mm
Three modes of cutting:
Water jacket, Platen, Arc voltage sensing THC. This Plasma cutting machine table offers ball design, cutting material loading/unloading easier.
Offering Arc voltage sensing THC, fine plasma cutting performance along with simple design, cutting mode switching very easy.
Modular design, only few screws, Legend B52 plasma cutting machine can realize the transfer between thin plate cutting mode and thick plate cutting mode.

Power Source Plasma added in additional to this based on customers cutting requirements
We offer Hypertherm PMX 45 ~ 200 or similar - Power Source to be added to suit your cutting application
1500mm x 3000mm cutting table
Large 10. LCD Screen
THC torch height control fitted
Water jacket supplied also for thin sheet cutting
superior cut speed, quality and stability
optimum track speed. even for fine contours and tight radii
Fast Cam base module supplied standard or optional Fast Cam Professional available at additional price - Additional Info Below.
high quality cnc controller options offering options, accepting G & M codes.
compatible with common cutting softwares such as ARTCUT, CAXA, ARTCAM
FastCam option compatible with Lantek HVAC cutting software, ideal for ductwork industry.
small kerf, precise cutting, no cutting residue
all DXF or DWG (from Autocad, Solidworks) formated files can be adapted.

Technical data
cutting area 1500mm x 3000mm
bed area 1800mm x 3300mm
Z travel - 80mm
Large 10. LCD Screen
larger engineered tables available to suit thicker plate
cutting speed - 0 ~ 6000mm / min
MAX cutting speed 12,000mm / min
accuracy 0.2mm
dimensions - 3400mm x 1900mm
crate shipping dimensions - 3600mm x 2100mm x 1600mm x 1800Kg
weight 1680Kg
power source 415volt
24 month warranty

FAST CAM Professional (drawing & nesting) CNC Cutting software included with machine.
Click here for Fastcam Overview - http://response.fastcam.com/knowledge-base/article/fastcam-information-starter-pack
Machine console is pre loaded with standard industry templates for quick editing and cutting applications
Program (nesting shapes), drawing is done by computer in office -
Save G code into USB
Program is transferred to G code
Connect USB with machine controller
Operate controller ( for this step, no computer is needed)
click this link for preview - www.youtube.com/user/FastCAMService

CNC Software Options
We offer Fast Cam Professional CNC Cutting software standard on all machines. No hidden add ons!

FastCAM 8 Information:
You can read all about the upgrades and changes in FastCAM 8 in the links below, together with the FastCAM 8 Brochure:

You can also see the changes in the promotional video here:
Fastcam 8 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHAPFg4PrYA
Engraving Head - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxjl6-O373yUcDdLR1k0eFlid1U

PMX-45 Pierce Off 12mm / Max Cutting 16mm ~ 22mm
PMX-65 Pierce Off 16mm / Max Cutting 19mm ~ 25mm
PMX-85 Pierce Off 19mm / Max Cutting 25mm ~ 32mm
PMX-105 Pierce Off 22mm / Max Cutting 32mm ~ 38mm
PMX-125 Pierce Off 25mm / Max Cutting 38mm ~ 44mm

Services required to be provided by customer
electrical connection.
compressed air.
air dryer, filter and air micron filters highly suggested - Asset stock codes for these are 25-0258, 25+0259 & 25+0258
fume extraction provisions.
Asset can offer you the above additional items on request.

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Title2024 STEELTAILOR LEGEND B52 - 1500MM X 3000MM 100AMP PLASMA & FREE ENGRAVER Fastcam Offline Software Included
Price36850 $40,735
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